New Covid update June 16,2021

June 16, 2021 9:52 pm by Bill in Indian River Tours

New update on covid 19 June 16, 2021

1.Face mask:
New federal laws do not require mask outdoors. We are outdoor. If you would like to wear a mask you are more than welcome.
The crew is fully vaccinated and will not wear a mask anymore, As this is an outdoor tour.

2. Our health and safety protocols suggested by CDC will remain in place to ensure our guest and staff are healthy and safe.

We will still:

We will use cleaning products Which meet The CDC guidelines.
* We will sanitize the boat and in-between all tours with Lysol and clorox Wipes.

* We have hand sanitizer throughout the boat.
* We require all employees to wash or sanitise hands and/or equipment as needed.
* We do ask if you do not feel good or showing any signs of cover related please schedule another time.
Thank you for helping us get through these difficult times Good Natured River Tours